puppies, attention, training, puppy culture, fitness, exercise
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puppies, attention, training, puppy culture, fitness, exercise

Are you looking to get started with Puppy Culture?  This package will get you set up with our core protocols that we feel any puppy should have. And we’ve thrown in a little free gift to help you on your way!  Welcome aboard!

But what if my puppy is older/younger/not raised with the Puppy Culture program?? Don't worry! You're in luck; the short answer is that Puppy Culture is for puppies of all ages. The science based training and protocols in Puppy Culture are perfect for puppies of all ages. Even if though the original DVD focuses on the first 12 weeks of a puppy's life, there are more than 30 lessons (outlined conveniently for you in our FREE Guideline for Puppy Owners) that are directed specifically to prospective puppy families that can be applied well after the 12 week mark; including manding, early leash walking, and crate training. Plus, it's never too late to get off on the right foot!


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