Please read the instructions to help prepare for the application.

*Before you can submit you application, your litter must be over 5 weeks old.*

What are we looking for? Here are some basic guidelines! 

 Please submit: 

•    At least THREE photos of your litter performing three different Puppy Culture protocols. Your photos MUST be of active enrichment/training, such as Crate Training, Clicker Training, Barrier Challenge, Box Game, Manding, Puppy Party, Leash Walking, etc. You MUST demonstrate that you are in fact using the Puppy Culture protocols and not just enrichment. Video is not required but recommended. 

•   (Optional) Submit an image for your Kennel that will be displayed on the directory. This can be your Kennel Logo or a favorite image. This will be visible on the Breeders Directory Map. 

 Please DO NOT submit: 

•   Photos/videos of Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS). 

•   Photos/videos of puppies playing with toys or exploring enriching/new environments. Passive enrichment such as this is important and nice but does not satisfy the active enrichment requirement. 

•  More than one picture/video of the same activity or protocol. Three pictures of your Puppy Party taken from different angles does NOT count as three separate protocols!