Don't Share!

I know, our parents told us to always share but here is the exception. We would love if we could get up every morning and grab the camera and be working on our next project but in order to do that we need you to help us out. If you share your username and password to all of your friends then that means that we go broke.  It cost us a lot of money to produce these products and, though we wished we could give it away as we believe everyone needs to see them, we need to pay our bills.  So we are asking you to not share. 

Forever is a long time

While we hope that our descendants 1,000 years from now still maintain our streaming site, we have a feeling that they might be too busy running their plutonium ranch on Mars to keep Puppy Culture going. So, while we are offering you Video on Demand access “forever,” there has to be some kind of cap. If, at any time, Puppy Culture streaming products become permanently unavailable for streaming, we will offer you the option to download and store your own copy.

All the “don’t share” stuff still applies - you will be welcome to enjoy Puppy Culture streaming products on two of your own devices. After that, we can call it good and no one owes anyone anything further.

 Video on Demand

Here's the hard core legal stuff.....

You are purchasing a license to stream video for yourself only on up to two devices at one time in your own household. You agree at the time of purchase of On Demand or LIVE Streaming video license that you will comply at all times with our Terms of Use.

Both On Demand and LIVE streaming video is copyrighted content of Puppyculture.com and Madcap University Press, LLC.

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The streaming video Terms of Use prohibits recording, copying, re-distributing or reverse-engineering of the video feed in any way whatsoever.

It is a violation of Federal and International copyright laws to copy, duplicate, record or re-distribute our On Demand or LIVE streaming video feeds in any way.

Unlawful recording, copying, duplicating or re-distribution of On Demand or LIVE streaming videos originating from www.PuppyCulture.com and Madcap University Press, LLC will be cause to immediately terminate your account and access to said feeds, and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by Federal and International laws. (Ouch)

 Copyright © 2014-2020 Puppyculture.com. All rights reserved.

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